(LCR01) Lead and Copper Rule Basics - NARRATED 6429

Description: On June 17, 1991, the EPA published the final Lead and Copper Rule (LCR).  Subsequently, Pa. DEP enacted the State's LCR which became effective on December 24, 1994.  The rule was updated again in 2009.  The rule was designed to minimize levels of lead and copper in finished tap water through the use of corrosion treatment techniques by water systems.  Also, the regulations increase consumer awareness regarding the actions consumers can take to reduce lead contamination in water at the tap.  The purpose of this course is to describe the purpose, history, and applicability of the LCR and identify and describe fundamental concepts that are vital to meeting the requirements of the LCR.  This course also provides and introduction to the planning requirements of the LCR.

Industry Type: Drinking Water

Contact Hours: 3

Cost: $90