Description: All community water system have to complete consumer confidence report and make it available to their customers annually. The report contains information about the quality of the drinking water. This course provides an overview of the Consumer Confidence Report Rule and teaches the process from a water system to create a report.  This course is narrated and includes many interactive demonstrations!

Contact Hours: 2

Industry Type: Drinking Water

Cost: $60.00

Description: On June 17, 1991, the EPA published the final Lead and Copper Rule (LCR).  Subsequently, Pa. DEP enacted the State's LCR which became effective on December 24, 1994.  The rule was updated again in 2009.  The rule was designed to minimize levels of lead and copper in finished tap water through the use of corrosion treatment techniques by water systems.  Also, the regulations increase consumer awareness regarding the actions consumers can take to reduce lead contamination in water at the tap.  The purpose of this course is to describe the purpose, history, and applicability of the LCR and identify and describe fundamental concepts that are vital to meeting the requirements of the LCR.  This course also provides and introduction to the planning requirements of the LCR.

Industry Type: Drinking Water

Contact Hours: 3

Cost: $90

What is this course about? Notifying the public of drinking water issues is  a requirement that not only protects public health, but it also builds trust with your consumers.

This course is provides an interactive overview of the Public Notification requirements for noncommunity water systems (NCWSs).  The course focuses on the Public Notification Handbook for NCWSs, which makes following the rule much easier!

Contact Hours: 2

Industry Type: Drinking Water

Cost: $60

Description: The updated Radionuclide Rule is intended to further reduce drinking water exposure to specific radionuclides. The rule established new monitoring requirements and a new MCL for uranium.  The purpose of this course is to introduce the rule and describe initial monitoring requirements for all community water systems.  The course is interactive and can be completed in a short time frame.

Contact hours: 1.5

Industry Type: Drinking Water

Cost: $45

Description: As a participant in the Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP), you receive the annual Treatment Barrier Summary sheet.  This sheet can be an effective tool for surface water filter plant operators to improve the operation of major plant processes.  The summary sheet allows operators to assess and analyze the turbidity performance of sedimentation processes, individual filters effluent, and the combined filter effluent.   This course explains how you can interpret and use the summary sheet to track and enhance your filter plant.

Contact hours:

Industry Type: Drinking Water

Cost: $20


Description:  The Groundwater Rule requires all Community Water Systems using groundwater to provide 4-log treatment of viruses.  This course explains 4-log treatment and what is necessary to demonstrate continual compliance with the Groundwater Rule.

PA DEP Course ID 7858

Contact Hours: 2.5 

Industry Type: Drinking Water

Cost: $75

Description: The purpose of the course is to help water systems comply with the Service Line Inventory requirements of the January 15, 2021 Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. This course will cover the contents of the service line inventory and the necessary records water systems should review to complete their inventory. Also discussed are various methods of service line identification water systems may use to verify the pipe materials of their service lines. The course provides an overview of the service line inventory form that water systems use to document their service line inventories.

Contact Hours: 3.5

Industry Type: Drinking Water