Description: All biological wastewater treatment systems produce excess solids, known as biosolids or sludge, which must be wasted and disposed of properly. Any sludge that is not wasted properly has the potential to enter the receiving stream. This course provides instruction for a calculation that can be used to estimate how much sludge should be wasted. It is intended to assist in identifying potential solids management problems at a wastewater treatment plant.

Contact hours: 2.5

Industry Type: Wastewater Only

Cost: $75

Description: In order to meet with wastewater effluent requirements of the NPDES permit for nitrogen, operators must understand how nitrogen enters the wastewater stream, how nitrogen is converted in the presence of typical wastewater organisms, and how to provide an environment within the wastewater treatment process that promotes the removal of toxic nitrogen by converting it to a less harmful form. This course is the first course in a series of courses on the removal of nitrogen in wastewater, using the biological processes of nitrification and denitrification.

Contact Hours: 3

Industry Type: Wastewater

Cost: $45

Description: This course explains the eDMR user registration process, the various user roles, data entry basics and report submission.  The course is geared towards new users, but experienced users can also benefit from the tips provided in the course.

Contact hours: 1.0

Industry Type: Wastewater Only

Cost: $20