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This shows the specialized terms used in EarthWise Academy. This section contains all the definitions used in the various course glossaries used by each course.

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A condition in which a substance yields H+ ions when it dissociates in water, resulting in a lowering of pH.
  • (DBP40) Enhanced Coagulation – Basics (1280)<\ul><\li>


ACC - Alternative Compliance Criteria Alternative criteria that can be used to achieve either monthly or annual compliance with the enhanced coagulation requirements of the DBP Rule.
  • (DBP42) Enhanced Coagulation – Advanced Concepts & Alternative Compliance Criteria

Critical Asset

Components of a water or waste water treatment system that are necessary to meet mission objectives (providing drinking water that meets or exceeds the National Drinking Water Standards, providing adequate water pressure to meet public safety needs, maintaining water service to critical users, maintaining wastewater collection system to protect public health, and providing wastewater treatment that meets the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System standards.
  • (SEC01) Securing Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities 2954

90th Percentile Tap Sample Result

Identification of the 90th percentile tap sample result is accomplished by following two steps:

  1. Rank all tap sample results from lowest to highest.
  2. Multiply the total number of samples by 0.9.
  • (LCR11) LCR – Initial Planning, Monitoring and Reporting (1488)

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